Build Your Own Box

£32.50 inc. VAT

Please choose six of the items in this bundle, with a maximum of 2 of any one item.


500g Minced Steak

4 x Garlic & Herb Chicken Grill Sticks

2 x premium chicken fillets

2 x 8 oz rump steak

Stewing Steak x 454g/1lb

2 x 8ox pork steaks

10 x pork sausage

Whole chicken - 1.75kg/3.86 lb min.weight

Back Bacon x 454g/1lb

454g/1lb Salt & Pepper Chicken Strips


Introducing our ‘Build Your Own’ Meat Box – Savour the finest cuts of premium, hand-selected meats, curated by you and delivered straight to your doorstep.

Choose 6 items from the following to create your box:

  1. 2 x premium chicken fillets
  2. 1 x whole chicken
  3. 454g/1lb diced stewing steak
  4. 10 pork sausage
  5. 454g/1lb bacon
  6. 4 x garlic and herb chicken grill sticks
  7. 454g/1lb salt and pepper chicken strips
  8. 454g/1lb mince steak
  9. 2 x 8 oz pork steak
  10. 2 x 8 oz rump steak

Why Choose Our Meat Boxes:

Quality Assurance: We source our meats from trusted suppliers, ensuring the highest standards of quality and freshness.
Convenience: Skip the trip to the supermarket and have a selection of premium meats delivered directly to your door.
Variety: Enjoy a diverse range of cuts and flavours, catering to different tastes and preferences.